Thought this was ovah!

So it looks like it was 3 years ago now.  February 2013.  That’s when I saw Dr. Trousdale at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.  And he told me that my hip angles were such that I could get away with merely an arthroscopy (scope) in the left hip.

I rejoiced, as it were.  My dad drove the 4 hours home and I texted everyone and their sister about the good news.  No PAO for me!  Woot!

I did not ultimately go through with the scope.  The pain actually got better for awhile.  It came back about 7 months ago, and has been relentless.  Re-started the process.  X-ray.  MRI.  Orthopedist.  Referral back to Trousdale.

This time he thinks I should have it done.  The PAO.

I discovered that the anxiety and fear are also part of the process again, unfortunately.  Currently I find myself re-anxious and re-scared.  The sense of relief is long gone, although I did manage to enjoy it while it lasted.

“Make your decision when the pain interferes with life and you can’t tolerate it anymore.”

How do I know when that is?  There must be someone out there who can decide that for me…